Eating for Two

When it comes to pregnancy you will be unexpectedly very exhausted, nauseous, forgetful, moody, gassy, feeling fat, dehydrated, frequently urinating, dazed and confused, weak and of course much more emotional or at least that is how I felt on a daily basis he he. On top of all of these unfamiliar issues you will also become exceedingly hungry!

When I found out I was having a baby I realize something I had never actually thought of before. The expression “eating for two” meant something more to me now. I am now eating for another person, someone I love and care for more than anything, someone I would do anything for to make sure they lived a healthy and happy life. So it is vital that I pay even more attention to what I am eating because this is not about me anymore.

Expecting mommies are to eat an extra 300 to 450 calories per day to support you and your little munchkin. Now in saying that, moms who want to go crazy because they think they can may shoot for that Big Mac Combo holding a grand total of 1350 calories which is obvioulsy just a little over that extra daily calorie intake I am talking about…

I am not saying you can’t have a little fun with cravings but just know your limits and have 1-2 pieces of pizza not 8 just because “you’re pregnant” or eat a tiny bowl of ice cream not the entire contatiner just because “you’re pregnant”. Yes I know you’re tired and can barely stay awake, I hear ya sista but your baby doesn’t want 4 cups of coffee so make sure to get to bed earlier and/or take a nap when you come home. If you were or if you unfortunately still are still a smoker it is time to quite that habit and nothing should stop you in your tracks faster than thinking of the damage you will be doing to your little one. I do understand you’ll need that toast to help relieve your morning sickness or a coffee to get you through the day that you think will never end because you’re so dogon-tired but like I said – know your limits.

Sometimes I wonder if we have become so selfish we have even forgotten about the one(s) we are carrying. Things were different over 20 odd years ago when our parents smoked, drank and ate terribly during their pregnancies when they didn’t know better. Today I see no excuse with the access to technology that we have at our fingertips. I know cravings can take control of the best of us; I suffer with them every day as well. I also know that it might all be in my head or I can take my cravings and push it aside by being creative in order to get what I want.

Let me elaborate. I craved pancakes almost every single morning which is unusual because I never ate them at all before. So instead of whipping up a large batch made of bleached flour and covered in whipping cream I made them with a healthier approach by using almond or coconut flour and bananas.

If you are expecting think about everything you ate today even down to the condiments. Does your food intake revolve around bread and dairy which are both highly processed products? Did you consume anything from a can, plastic jar or bag that is coated in salt for better shelf life? Did you enjoy any sugary products like pop, Gatorade, Vitamin Water (which by the way is unhealthy and contains as much sugar as pop), more than 6oz of coffee or even a dangerous energy drink? Who is consuming all of this, you? “NO SIREE.” You and your baby.

It is important we take action of our health when it matters most and this is one of those times. Make sure to stay active wheathr it is going for a nice long walk with your hubby, take a relaxing yoga or meditation class or keeping your usual routine by hitting the gym. Enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protins and drink plenty of lemon water throughout the day. By doing all these steps you’ll feel healthy and confident your doing everything you can to create a healthy baby and giving the both of you the best posssible chances to have a strong and successful delivery.

Eating for two