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The heading alone may make many of you feel like you’re about to hurl and think twice about continuing to follow my blog. But don’t judge me too quickly.

What Spiked This Interest

I had first encountered the option when we attended our birthing class before our son was born. I love studying Anthropology and different cultural views of life so I was very open minded when hearing reasons why different tribes and cultures may eat their placenta. Many doctors claim this is just another trend in society and note that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back this “trend” up but I was just to curious and eager to decide for myself.

How I Consumed My Placenta

Before I get started let me inform you what I did with my placenta. There are many different ways to ingest your placenta like eating it raw, cooking it and creating a meal with it or even turning it into a delicious smoothie. Personally I didn’t have any interest in handling my placenta and having to consume a raw piece of it on a daily basis. I just don’t feel that in todays day in age you have to do this but for some it is a choice they have chosen to make. I had my placenta encapsulated by a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist who came to our home the day after Hutson was born to collect my placenta (which I stored in a Ziploc bag in the freezer) and had provided me with the capsules the following afternoon. The placenta is dehydrated, ground and encapsulated for the mother who is instructed to take 2 capsules 3 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks.

Why I Chose to Do This

I used to judge quite quickly at a younger age but I have learned to NEVER say never. Being a young first time mother I was nervous what I would be like after having the baby and feeling so sleep deprived. Would I feel so tired that I would spend my evenings getting into little arguments with my husband? Would I cry because I missed my friends and feel jealous knowing they were going out on the weekends and partying like we used to do together? I wondered if I would feel angry that for the first time I would become housebound and not have the ability to run off and do my usual day-to-day things. A newborn baby takes a dramatic toll on your lifestyle and possibly on your relationship and I was worried I would be affected by the “Baby Blue” like 80% of mothers are.

Plus, wanted to do everything right the first time around so I ate a very clean diet of only fresh and natural products and kept my snacking to a minimum so our son was as healthy as possible. I made sure I drank a promising amount water daily and only had 1 cup of coffee per day and no more than that. Being the health freak that I am I also wanted to make sure that once we had Hutson he would be a breastfed baby for up to 6 months or longer. I had heard stories of woman who produces too much milk or had struggled to produce any at all. I had to make sure I could provide for him.

After doing some heavy research I had learned that by consuming your placenta it would help to balance your hormone levels, increase your energy and enhance your milk supply. By consuming my placenta is would hopefully provide me with the tools I needed to be successful.

My Results

I began taking the placenta encapsulations on May 13 2013 and just finished my last 2 capsules this morning on June 1 2013. After delivering our son I felt amazing! I had a natural home birth and having the freedom the walk around after you give birth is incredible. I felt like nothing but overjoyed for the first two weeks after which is usually when mothers suffer with “Baby Blues” so I felt that the placenta capsules had done wonders for me. I also was full of energy and was doing house chores on a daily basis, which was not suggested by my midwife and is a time I was to be taking for myself to rest. I’m not a very good listener… On the other hand I had struggled with enhancing my milk supply and something I had a hard time receiving enough of until I was 2 weeks in. I did not feel strange consuming the placenta at all because it was my own. I had many laugh at me and tell me that’s discussing to consume my own organ. Umm… we eat animal liver and call it a delicate dish and who knows what the heck that thing was eating while it was alive. I know exactly what I was eating and know my placenta was healthy enough that I didn’t have to think twice. I am thrilled I made the decision to consume my placenta and I do feel that it helped me very much to stay positive after giving birth.

A Home is Made - With Baby

I hope this helps any mothers who are considering doing the same
Thanks everyone
Vanessa xoxo